Ephemeral Walkthrough from HackMyVM – Writeup

Ephemeral is a difficult machine involving various tricks and techniques to get to the root shell. However, it took some time for me as one of the exploits wasn’t working. So, I had to modify the script to make it work. The machine features local file inclusions, remote command execution using LFI and phpinfo script, […]

HackMyVM – Fianso Walkthrough – Writeup

HackMyVM has come up with a new vulnerable machine whose author is cromiphi. The machine is of medium difficulty; although you can consider it hard depending on your experience. The machine includes an SSTI vulnerability in the web server that leads to the user flag. Right after this, it includes a script that requires us […]

Preload – Writeup – HackMyVM – Walkthrough

Preload is an easy machine by my friend avijneyam from the HackMyVM platform. There are only two exploits one need to understand to get to theinitial root of the machine. Also, there are error messages in the web app that help us proceed forward. If you like my writeups, please consider tipping me in Ko-fi. […]

Hacker Kid Walkthrough – Vulnhub

Hacker Kid is a very good machine from Vulnhub. This includes different techniques that we can utilize to get to the root shell of the target. This machine works in VMWare. So, let’s begin the walkthrough “Hacker Kid Walkthrough – Vulnhub”. Link to the machine:,719/ Identify the target As usual, we have to start […]

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