Blogger 1 Walkthrough – Vulnhub – Writeup

blogger 1 walkthrough vulnhub writeup security

In this post, I will be doing the walkthrough of the vulnhub machine Blogger 1. Please follow this writeup till the end to boot to root. Also, this machine works well in virtualbox. Link to the machine:,675/ Walkthrough of Nagini Identify the target Firstly, I had to identify the IP address of the target. … Read more

Bluesmoke Devrandom2 Walkthrough – Writeup

bluesmoke devrandom2 vulnhub walkthrough writeup

I intend to write this post Bluesmoke Devrandom2 Walkthrough – Writeup to explain all the steps that I did to root the machine from Vulnhub. First of all, I would like to thank HunriBeats for authoring this machine. Link to the machine:,678/ Check out the walkthrough of wayne manor Identify the target Firstly, I … Read more

Hacksudo Aliens Walkthrough – Vulnhub – Writeup

hacksudo aliens vulnhub walkthrough writeup security

I am going to do a walkthrough of Hacksudo Aliens from Vulnhub by Vishal Waghmare. This is a beginner friendly machine and should be fun as previous hacksudo machines. Also, make sure to check my previous writeup. Link to the machine:,676/ Walkthrough of hacksudo machines Identify the target As usual, I found the IP … Read more

Bluemoon 2021 Walkthrough – Vulnhub – Writeup

bluemoon 2021 walkthrough writeup vulnhub security

Welcome to the walkthrough/writeup of Bluemoon 2021 from Vulnhub. Here, I will explain all the necessary steps to boot the machine to root. Link to the machine:,679/ Walkthrough of Wayne Manor Identify the target Firstly, I had to identify the IP address of the target machine. Scan open ports Then, I had to enumerate … Read more

Wayne Manor 1 Walkthrough – Vulnhub – Writeup

root flag wayne manor 1 vulnhub walkthrough writeup

I am going to do a walkthrough of the machine Wayne Manor 1 by balkan from Vulnhub. Likewise, I will also explain important information in this writeup. Link to the machine:,681/ Walkthrough of Harry Potter Fawkes Identify the target First of all, I scanned the local hosts to identify the IP address of the … Read more