Momentum 2 Walkthrough – Vulnhub – Writeup

Momentum 2 is an easy machine from vulnhub. This is the second machine in the series by AL1ENUM. “Momentum 2 Walkthrough – Vulnhub – Writeup” Link to the machine:,702/ Walkthrough of Momentum 1 Identify the target As usual, I started the challenge with the identification of the IP address of the target machine. Scan […]

Vulnhub Momentum 1 Walkthrough – Writeup

I am going to do the walkthrough of machine momentum 1 from vulnhub. This machine is pretty simple, however, I had a hard time getting the root flag. Before starting the walkthrough, I would like to thank the author AL1ENUM for this machine. Link to the machine:,685/ Check the series harry potter from the […]

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