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  • Medusa from HackMyVM Writeup – Walkthrough

    Medusa from HackMyVM Writeup – Walkthrough

    Medusa is a lengthy machine from the platform HackMyVM despite being easy. The machine’s author is noname and I must pay respect to him for putting effort into this machine. The VM includes many fuzzing techniques for subdomain enumeration and directory enumeration. Likewise, it also asks us to brute-force hashes to get passwords. “Medusa from…

  • Hogwarts: Bellatrix Vulnhub – Walkthrough

    Hogwarts: Bellatrix Vulnhub – Walkthrough

    Bellatrix is the second vulnerable machine from the series Hogwarts in Vulnhub. The series is based on the movie/book series Harry Potter. Likewise, Bellatrix is one of the antagonists, who killed our favourite character, Sirius Black, in the series. So, with this note, let’s start the walkthrough. The machine is quite easy and there aren’t…

  • Black Widow – HackMyVM – Vulnhub

    Black Widow – HackMyVM – Vulnhub

    Black Widow is a hard machine from Vulnhub and HackMyVM. This machine works on VirtualBox and you must take a snapshot so that it’s easy to reset the machine if required. From this machine, we can learn about log poisoning and other basic techniques. “Black Widow – HackMyVM – Vulnhub”