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  • HackMyVM Light Writeup – Walkthrough

    HackMyVM Light Writeup – Walkthrough

    Light is an easy machine from the platform HackMyVM by sML. This machine requires knowledge of basic Linux and penetration testing. It could be really easy for those who have experience in penetration testing but could be different for newcomers. “HackMyVM Light Writeup – Walkthrough” Click here to go to the machine’s download page. Get…

  • Troya Walkthrough From HackMyVM – Writeup

    Troya Walkthrough From HackMyVM – Writeup

    By far, Troya is one of my favourite VMs from the HackMyVM platform. The creator of the machines is sML and he has categorized this as a medium machine. However, I found this machine intriguing and was definitely hard for me. First of all, we need to identify a way to inject OS commands remotely.…

  • HackMyVM – Fianso Walkthrough – Writeup

    HackMyVM – Fianso Walkthrough – Writeup

    HackMyVM has come up with a new vulnerable machine whose author is cromiphi. The machine is of medium difficulty; although you can consider it hard depending on your experience. The machine includes an SSTI vulnerability in the web server that leads to the user flag. Right after this, it includes a script that requires us…