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Moosage Writeup from HackMyVM – Walkthrough

Moosage is an easy machine by sml from the platform HackMyVM. The machine features an insecure file upload vulnerability in a blog application. Then, we need to identify a little trick to get a reverse shell as root. The machine is easy but difficult at the same time. “Moosage Writeup from HackMyVM – Walkthrough” Click […]

Opacity Walkthrough from HackMyVM – Writeup

Opacity is a new machine from the platform HackMyVM. The author of the VM is mindsflee. The VM includes vulnerabilities like insecure file upload, remote command execution, insecure file permissions, exploiting cronjobs, etc. In this post, I will describe all the steps starting from identifying the IP address of the target to finding the root […]

Writeup – HackMyVM’s Dejavu Walkthrough

Dejavu is an easy machine from HackMyVM by the user InfayerTS. The machine includes basic vulnerabilities. First of all, we find a path from a page’s source. Then, we have a file upload area that misses an extension to filter out. Similarly, we also have a directory for the uploads. However, there are restrictions to certain functions making it difficult to get a reverse shell.

Blog Writeup from HackMyVM – Walkthrough

“Blog” is an easy machine from HackMyVM by d4t4s3c. If you have done many machines, this is a piece of cake. If you are new, I definitely suggest you do it on your own. The enumeration starts with enumerating the directories and finding a special blog. It has a file upload vulnerability and one can […]

Texte Writeup – HackMyVM – Walkthrough

Texte by SML is a recent addition to the HackMyVM platform. This machine is moderately difficult or easy depending on the experience of the player. Furthermore, it is quite straightforward. Likewise, it works well on VirtualBox.

Doc Writeup – HackMyVM – Walkthrough

Doc by SML is an easy machine from HackMyVM. This is easy to get the user’s shell and is tricky to get the root. I have tested this machine on VirtualBox and it works fine. This is a new machine from HackMyVm and I recommend you to try it on your own at first. “Doc […]

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