Hacksudo Aliens Walkthrough – Vulnhub – Writeup

hacksudo aliens vulnhub walkthrough writeup security

I am going to do a walkthrough of Hacksudo Aliens from Vulnhub by Vishal Waghmare. This is a beginner friendly machine and should be fun as previous hacksudo machines. Also, make sure to check my previous writeup. Link to the machine: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/hacksudo-aliens,676/ Walkthrough of hacksudo machines Identify the target As usual, I found the IP … Read more

Walkthrough of Hacksudo Search – Vulnhub – Writeup

hacksudo search page

In this post, I am going to do the walkthrough of a machine from Vulnhub called Hacksudo Search. In this writeup, I will be explaining all the steps to get to the root user. Link to the machine: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/hacksudo-search,683/ All walkthroughs: https://nepcodex.com/tag/walkthrough/ Identify the target First of all, I have to identify the IP address … Read more

Hacksudo LPE Walkthrough – Writeup – Vulnhub

I had done writeup or walkthrough of hacksudo FOG in the previous post. Likewise, I will be doing the same for hacksudo LPE in this post. However, a side note here, we can anticipate some update on this machine as evident from the description of the machine. Machine Link: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/hacksudo-lpe,698/ Hacksudo FOG Walkthrough – Writeup … Read more

Hacksudo FOG Walkthrough – Writeup – Vulnhub

In this post, I am going to do the walkthrough of the machine hacksudo FOG from Vulnhub by Vishal Waghmare. Machine Link: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/hacksudo-fog,697/ Initial Enumeration I began with netdiscover and then nmap. So, I we have telnet, ssh, http, https and mysql services open. I would like to see what the website offers. We have … Read more