Vulnhub – Driftingblues 9 – Walkthrough – Writeup


This is the last machine of the series driftingblues from vulnhub. Now, I will be doing walkthrough of this machine in this post. Check out our all driftingblues series from the link here: driftingblues. Link to Driftingblues 9:,695/ Discovery of machine We can discover the machines using tools like fping and netdiscover. Port Scan … Read more

Vulnhub – Driftingblues 7 – Walkthrough – Writeup

eyes of network login

I am going to do the walkthrough of driftingblues7 from vulnhub in this blog post. Link to the machine:,680/ Link to the walkthrough of driftingblues 6: Vulnhub – Driftingblues 6 – Walkthrough – Writeup netdiscover nmap So, we have three http servers here. Now, I am going to enumerate the directories using gobuster. gobuster … Read more

Vulnhub – Driftingblues 6 – Walkthrough – Writeup

I will be doing walkthrough of Driftingblues 6 machine from vulnhub. Make sure to check driftingblues 5 walkthrough. Vulnhub – Driftingblues 5 – Walkthrough Link to Driftinblues 6:,672/ Foothold fping nmap As we can see above, there is a URL in robots.txt. So, let’s open the robot file first. Now, from here we can … Read more

Vulnhub – Driftingblues 5 – Walkthrough – Writeup


We are going to look into an easy machine of Vulnhub, Driftingblues5. Also, we have completed four machines from the series. So, make sure you check them out. Vulnhub – Driftingblues 4 – Walkthrough Driftingblues 5:,662/ Foothold Firstly, we are going to identify the ip address of the target. We can use fping or … Read more

Vulnhub – Driftingblues 4 – Walkthrough – Writeup

driftingblues4 main page

We are going to do walkthrough of driftingblues4 machine of vulnhub. If you haven’t checked out previous walkthrough, make sure you do that. Link to the driftingblues4 machine:,661/ Link to the walkthrough of driftingblues3: Vulnhub – Driftingblues 3 – Walkthrough Foothold fping The machine is identified as in my case. nmap gobuster (directory … Read more