Walkthrough of Kitty from HackMyVM Writeup

Kitty is a hard machine to root by avijneyam from the platform HackMyVM. The machine’s theme is cats as suggested by the name of the VM. To begin with, this machine needs some host enumeration, cracking passwords, cracking JWT exploits, utilizing various other exploits, etc. Also, I would like you guys to give it a […]

HackMyVM Light Writeup – Walkthrough

Light is an easy machine from the platform HackMyVM by sML. This machine requires knowledge of basic Linux and penetration testing. It could be really easy for those who have experience in penetration testing but could be different for newcomers. “HackMyVM Light Writeup – Walkthrough” Click here to go to the machine’s download page. Get […]

Hannah Walkthrough From HackMyVM – Writeup

The first machine on the platform HackMyVM is a very easy machine authored by the user smL. This machine simply features basic enumeration and bruteforcing. Once we get the password of a user, we can log into the system. Then, we need to abuse the writable path vulnerability in the system. Once we do that, […]

Opacity Walkthrough from HackMyVM – Writeup

Opacity is a new machine from the platform HackMyVM. The author of the VM is mindsflee. The VM includes vulnerabilities like insecure file upload, remote command execution, insecure file permissions, exploiting cronjobs, etc. In this post, I will describe all the steps starting from identifying the IP address of the target to finding the root […]

Five86:2 Writeup – Vulnhub – Walkthrough

Five86-2 is the second machine from the series Five86 by DCAU. If you haven’t read the writeup, I request you do so. Like the previous machine, this is also a great machine. Similarly, this works on VirtualBox. And, if you are a fan of the band New Order, this machine is for you. Well, there is nothing much related to the band except for the names of the band members.

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