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  • TheFool – Writeup – HackMyVM – Walkthrough

    TheFool – Writeup – HackMyVM – Walkthrough

    is post, I am going to show you the steps for boot-to-root TheFool. It is a hard machine by SML from the HackMyVM platform. However, it doesn’t require any special techniques to completely exploit it. And, burp suite is really helpful in this machine. Furthermore, there are some rabbit holes along the way.

  • Writeup – Breakout – HackMyVM – Walkthrough

    Writeup – Breakout – HackMyVM – Walkthrough

    Greetings! Welcome to the write-up of the new machine Breakout by icex64 from the HackMyVM platform. This is fairly easy to root and doesn’t involve many techniques. If you haven’t done it yet, I recommend you invest your time in it. Anyway, I have tested this machine on VirtualBox and it sometimes loses the network…

  • Finding My Friend Walkthrough – Vulnhub

    Finding My Friend Walkthrough – Vulnhub

    A few months ago, I wanted to play with a machine that had many techniques involved. Luckily, I stumbled upon “Finding My Friend” by the VIEH group. I was stuck for a long time at the last level, however, I rooted this machine recently. It involves various techniques to get to the root and is…

  • Hacker Kid Walkthrough – Vulnhub

    Hacker Kid Walkthrough – Vulnhub

    Hacker Kid is a very good machine from Vulnhub. This includes different techniques that we can utilize to get to the root shell of the target. This machine works in VMWare. So, let’s begin the walkthrough “Hacker Kid Walkthrough – Vulnhub”. Link to the machine: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/hacker-kid-101,719/ Identify the target As usual, we have to start…