Blog Writeup from HackMyVM – Walkthrough

“Blog” is an easy machine from HackMyVM by d4t4s3c. If you have done many machines, this is a piece of cake. If you are new, I definitely suggest you do it on your own. The enumeration starts with enumerating the directories and finding a special blog. It has a file upload vulnerability and one can […]

HackMyVM – Platform for Vulnerable Machines

If you are just starting into pentesting or if you are an expert in it, you should definitely know about HackMyVM. HackMyVM is a platform created by sML around 2020. This is similar to another platform called Vulnhub. In this post, I will try to cover as much as possible about it and my involvement […]

Writeup of University from HackMyVM – Walkthrough

University is an easy machine from the HackMyVM platform. The author of the machine is SML. The machine’s main exploit is insecure file upload leading to remote code execution. The machine is fairly easy. “Writeup of University from HackMyVM – Walkthrough” Link to the machine Step 1: ARP Scan As usual, my enumeration began with […]

Feature Flag and Toggle with Unleash

Let’s assume, you are working on a project. Then, you have got a great idea to implement a feature but you want to experiment with it first. Likewise, you already have a feature, but you want to revamp it without breaking the existing one. In addition to this, you have different variants of the same […]

Preload – Writeup – HackMyVM – Walkthrough

Preload is an easy machine by my friend avijneyam from the HackMyVM platform. There are only two exploits one need to understand to get to theinitial root of the machine. Also, there are error messages in the web app that help us proceed forward. If you like my writeups, please consider tipping me in Ko-fi. […]

Area51 – Writeup – Log4Shell – HackMyVM

Area51 is an easy machine built on the recent 0-day vulnerability of the Log4j utility. This is one of the vulnerabilities that had a lot of impacts worldwide and affected many enterprises. I also like to extend a huge thanks to the author bitc0de for this. The machine is fairly simple once we get the foothold. So, let’s start the writeup.

Earth – The Planets – Vulnhub – Writeup

Earth is a CTF machine from Vulnhub created by SirFlash. This is the third machine from his series “The Planets” and the previous machine “Venus” was equally great. As the author said, the difficulty is subjective to the experience. And, for me, I had to take hints for the root privilege escalation. The machine works well on VirtualBox.

Venus – HMVLabs – HackMyVM – Writeup

Venus is the first lab from the HackMyVM platform. This is a CTF that consists of 50 flags and a few hidden too. At the time of writing, the lab is a docker container and is available online via SSH. Similarly, this is a very easy CTF machine and beginners can directly dive into this.

Walkthrough – Government – HackMyVM – Writeup

Government is a moderately difficult machine from the HackMyVM platform. The creator of the machine is 0xJin. There are a lot of unnecessary things one need to ignore while doing this machine. In this walkthrough, I will be only pointing out the correct way to get to the root.

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