Vulnhub – Fawkes Walkthrough – Writeup – Harry Potter

In the previous post, we found out three more Horcruxes totalling 5. In this machine, Fawkes, we will be dealing with some difficult challenge like the phoenix bird ‘Fawkes’. Foothold Fping nmap gobuster Visit on 9898 ( netcat It looks as if a program which takes input is hosted on the port. Let’s use netcat … Read more

Vulnhub – Nagini Walkthrough – writeup – Harry Potter

In the first machine of the Harry Potter series, Aragog, we found out two of the eight Horcruxes. Nagini is the second machine of the series with medium difficulty. However, I found it pretty difficult nonetheless. Let’s begin our journey to find Nagini, the vicious snake. I won’t be explaining all of the steps which … Read more

Vulnhub – Aragog Walkthrough – Writeup – Harry Potter


Harry Potter is one of the greatest movie and book series for no doubt. On the other hand, the VulnHub series by Mansoor R is one of the best challenges I have done. We can say that the hacking series is based on the original series where we have to identify horcruxes placed by Voldemort … Read more

Hacking Kioptrix Level 2 (#1.1) – Part 3 – Shell access

In the previous post, we bypassed the login using SQL injection. Now, we want to exploit the feature of the application to open a reverse shell. This can be done in other ways as well. Here, I will be listen on port 4444 in my attacker machine (, since I have installed newer version of … Read more

Hacking Kioptrix Level 2 (#1.1) – Part 2 – SQL Injection

In the previous post, we tried to identify the possible vulnerabilities of the target machine. In this post, we will be trying to exploit the system. Up to now, we have visited the IP address of the target machine in firefox which gave us two input fields. Now, if we try some random username and … Read more