Vulnhub Momentum 1 Walkthrough – Writeup

I am going to do the walkthrough of machine momentum 1 from vulnhub. This machine is pretty simple, however, I had a hard time getting the root flag. Before starting the walkthrough, I would like to thank the author AL1ENUM for this machine.

Link to the machine:,685/

Check the series harry potter from the vulnhub.

Let’s begin the walkthrough of the machine.

Identifying the machine

First of all, I identified the Momentum’s IP address by using fping.

fping -aqg

Scan open ports

After I identified the machine, I searched for open services using nmap.

nmap -T4 -p- -sC -sV --min-rate=1000 | tee nmapscan

As usual, I did directory enumeration, Nikto, and zap however, I didn’t find anything interesting. Next, I browsed the application to see a possibility of an XSS attack.

XSS attack

I had also looked into the source of the website and found out a secret there.

Now, I tried to get the cookies of the website using XSS.

Then, I tried to decrypt the cookie using the same code that we saw on the comment. I searched on Google and found a codepen for it.

Getting user access

After doing some combination from the text, I found out the following credentials that worked on SSH.

user: auxerre
pass: auxerre-alienum##
ssh auxerre@

Finally, we got the user shell and the flag.

Getting root shell

I tried linux enumeration using and suid3num, but I didn’t find anything interesting.

find / -perm -4000 -type f -exec ls -al {} \; 2>/dev/null

Next, I looked into the listening ports. It looks like the port for redis-server is open and is listening.

ss -nltup

Next, I wanted to use redis-cli to see the contents inside it.

keys *
get rootpass

Then, I tried logging as a root user.

Finally, we got the shell and the root flag.

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